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T-shirts for lovers you're attracted to me

SKU 0110004

Set T-shirts for lovers "You attract Me"  -2 pcs.  -One of the timeless top sales offers in the store.  

This is   unconventional and vivid way to tell your loved one that you love it by wearing the words in a t-shirt literally!

Serve an emotional gift for Valentine's Day, anniversary or any other special occasion. Set up an exciting surprise that will remind you for a long time!


BGN 45.85


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Set T-shirts   for lovers "You attract Me"  -a very spectacular themed gift for the anniversary or Valentine's Day.  

Rejoice spouse and publicly show your love by wearing your T-shirt and giving away the other part of the surprise.

Shirts bring a lot of mood and are an attractive solution for   photo shoots.  


< span style = "FONT-size: 16px" > men's T-shirt, features:

Cotton t-shirt stedman ST2000
Manufacturer: Steadman, Germany
Classic men's cotton T-shirt with short sleeves, round neckline, no side seams. It is made of soft and durable smooth leotard (usually scorching).
Material: 100% combed Cotton
Weight: 155 g/m²
Wash at 40 °c

< span style = "FONT-size: 16px" > women's T-shirt, features:

Blouses and tops ST2600
Manufacturer: Steadman
Tunics with short sleeves and round neckline, no side seams.
Made of soft and durable smooth leotard (usually scorching).
Material: 100% combed Cotton
Weight: 155 g/m²
Wash at 40 °c

Time for production and delivery: about 3-4 working days.


dimensions for women's T-shirt:

< Table border = "1" cellpadding = "1" cellspacing = "1" > size       height (cm)       thoracic circumference (cm)       waist (cm)       Hips (cm)       XS 165-172 74-81 58-65 85-91 's 165-172 82-89 66-73 91-98 M 165-172 90-97 74-81 99-104   L 165-172 98-107 82-90 105-112 XL 165-172 108-119 91-102 113-121 2XL 165-172 120-131 103-114 122-132 3XL 165-172 132-142   115-126 133-143 4XL 165-172 143-153 127-136 144-154


dimensions for Men's T-shirt:

< Table border = "1" cellpadding = "1" cellspacing = "1" > size       height (cm)       thoracic circumference (cm)       waist (cm)       Hips (cm)       XS 159-164 78-85 66-73 84-88 's 166-173 86-93 74-81 92-96 M 171-179 94-101 82-89 100-104   L 177-184 102-109 90-99 108-112 XL 182-188 110-117 100-109 116-120 2XL 185-191 118-125 110-119 124-128 3XL 185-191 126-133 120-129 132-136 4XL 191-195 134-141 130-139 137-141

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